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View Anna university Grace marks may June 2016

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Anna university Grace marks 2016 

This is update regarding to Anna university grace marks, for students who are attended May June examinations 2016. The details are formatted in table for other references , students can use these information regarding Anna university Grace marks.

View Anna university Grace marks may June 2016

           Anna University Grace Marks Details May June 2016

Name of Subject 

Marks awarded details
EC6402 Communication Theory 
Semester :4th
Regulation :2013
Department : Electronic & Communication Engineering

Q.15.(b) - 16 Marks
Candidate must provide relevant information
according to question asked.

EC6602 Antenna & Wave Processing
Semester-Dept- Sixth Semester- ECE
Regulation- 2013

Q.13.(b)(ii) - 8 Marks
Q.15.(a)(i) - 6 Marks
ME6401 Kinematics of Machinery
Regulation :2013
Department :Mechanical Engineering

ME6603 Finite Element Analysis
Department:Mechanical Engineering
Regulation :2013

Q.12.(b) - if attempted with assumption of steel bar
CS6401 Operating Systems
Semester : 4th Semester
Regulation : 2013
Department : Computer Science Engineering

Q.1 and Q.10 - 4 Marks
Q.11.(a)(i)(ii) and Q.11(b)(ii)
Q.12.(a)(i) - Minimum 4 marks
Q.13.(a)(i) - Minimum 4 marks
Q.14.(a)(i)(ii) and Q.14.(b)(i)(ii)
CE6602 Structural Analysis II
Department of B.E-Civil Engineering
Semester: 6th
Regulation :2013

Q.11.(a) - 16 if attended relevantly
GE6251 Basic Civil and Mech. Engg.
Department: EIE,EEE,ICE
Regulation :2013

Q.1 - 2 Marks
CE6451 Fluid Mechanism and Machinery
Department: Mechanical Engg
Regulation :2013

Q.12.(a) - Full marks if attempted relevantly
CE6603 Design of Steel Structures
Department:B.E-Civil Engineering
Regulation :2013

Q.7 - 2 marks
CE6601 Design of Reinforced Concrete and Bridge Masonry Structures
Department:B.E-Civil Engineering
Q.15.(a) - if solved in same dimensions or assumed some other dimensions

The Grace Marks provided by Anna university applies to all the students who are attended the questions. The marks are allotted according to the above table, the above table contains detailed information and semester wise grace marks, these grace marks update is provided to help students of Anna university.

Why Anna university provides Grace marks to students: 

Anna university grace marks are provided because, to support the candidates who are written examination, grace marks are decided by controller of education --Anna university Chennai. This improves conceptual education and quality knowledge.

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students can comment below for any clarifications regarding Anna university Grace marks, The continous updates related to anna university are placed.
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